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Central Florida, and the Orlando metropolitan area in particular, offer a host of options for home buyers, including new construction homes, vacation homes near Disney, waterfront properties, gated communities, planned communities with active town center vibes, high rises with sensational views, historic residences, equestrian properties, and houses with oversized lots or acreage.  The successful sale or purchase of these types of real estate requires experience, negotiation skills, project manager type focus and speedy responsiveness- especially now during the Pandemic and subsequent increased demand for housing that meets the needs of so many who spend more time in the home. 

Whatever your real estate goals, Courtney Bass + Co. offers you the market insight and experience you need to make them a reality. They offer a professional network that is second to none as well as a deep understanding of the quality and character of the area’s best communities, builders, designers and home service professionals. 

Here you’ll find the newest listings available in the Orlando area. This is a great place to begin your search, offering you a general idea of some of the options you’ll find on the current market. When you’re ready to begin a more focused search for the ideal home for you and your family, contact Courtney Bass + Co. through the form below in order to create one that is customized to your particular needs and goals.

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